Weekly Classes at the Tao Space Include:

Hsing-i: Water Fist

Bruce leads students through the details of Hsing-i Water Fist, one of the five basic techniques of Hsing-i Chuan. This technique focuses on vertically upward-moving power, and is represented by the water element. The internal pressures that the Water Fist generates within the body during execution of the technique, in addition to its basic chi work, directly and positively affect the kidneys and the whole vitality of the body.



Tao Yoga

Master Bruce Frantzis continues the exploration of Tao Yoga, a unique practice that allows you to circulate and build Chi without ever over-stretching your muscles and tendons. Learn gentle postures that are combined with Taoist Breathing methods. This soft yet powerful practice will develop internal awareness and the neigong techniques underlying qigong and meditation.

Taoist Meditation

These classes teach the Water Tradition of Lao Tzu, a specific branch of meditation used to help students delve deeper inside themselves. These ancient meditation methods (Inner Dissolving) of Taoism have been used for thousands of years to help cope with stress and flow smoothly through challenging moments and times. These meditation classes will help bring you into a higher state of awareness and being and give you the skills to apply your meditation to the practical experiences of daily living. 

Bagua Circle Walking & Arm Postures

Bagua creates a healthy, fluid body and mind. Bagua can also be learned as a powerful method of Taoist meditation emphasizing the principles of the I Ching and embodying the nature of change. This class will help students explore the circle walking practices of Bagua Zhang including an introduction to held static arm postures having the capacity to systematically and rapidly open your whole body.

Heaven & Earth Qigong

This simple two-movement qigong is a fantastic full body exercise that emphasizes the openings and closings of the body, lengthening and unbinding the connective tissue, and balancing the up and down energy currents.  This qigong set is a student favorite. It is easy to learn yet yields profound health benefits, especially for the joints and spine!

Tao Space Guided Practices

Regular practice is the cornerstone of getting the most out of your study of qigong, tai chi, and meditation. Guided practices with friendly, knowledgeable instructors are an integral part of the Tao Space that supports the instructional classes. This helps you build a healthy practice rhythm and gain the most benefit.