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Tai Chi, Qigong, & Meditation

Join us for our Winter 2022 Session!

Classes begin Jan 25, 2022


We teach Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation from the heart of the Taoist Water Tradition in Longmont, Colorado. We’re here to help you learn to move your energy and feel more alive in every way, inside and out.

Whether in-person or online, The Tao Space is a place for you to not only learn exceptional Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation, but to practice with other friendly folks in a supportive community that boosts you toward experiencing the deep benefits these arts have to offer.

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Bruce Frantzis

is the founder and head teacher of The Tao Space. He is one of the few traditional  Lineage Masters in the world and an internationally recognized authority on the topics of tai chi, qigong, meditation, qigong tui na bodywork, internal martial arts, and Taoism.

Fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, Bruce spent 14yrs of non-stop study in China, Japan, India, and Taiwan searching out the purest sources of internal arts knowledge. He studied in the traditional manner, exploring the depth of these practices with some of Asia’s most renowned masters in their native language. 

Bruce is known for being able to communicate the essence and subtlety of Eastern energy practices clearly and in a way that Westerners can understand and embody. His teaching style is humorous, practical, and down to earth without much care for formality and appearances. His greatest concern when teaching is honoring the time invested between teacher and student to bring about the most profound benefit possible.

Over his 50yr + teaching career, Bruce has taught thousands of students and certified over 300 instructors all over the world, worked as a Chinese doctor in China serving over 10,000 patients, and authored 14 books on Tai Chi, Qigong, internal martial arts, healing, and meditation.

His primary focus now is creating a space for people to experience the incredible, life affirming benefits of the internal arts, and passing the treasures of the Taoist Water Tradition Lineage to future generations.


The Tao Space
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